Who do you think is the best Republican candidate for 2012 presidency race?

Saturday, May 28, 2011

"There's a strong streak of good in you Superman, but then nobody's perfect. Almost nobody". Lex Luthor

"Waiting for Superman; 
The leading contenders for the nomination are Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty, and Jon Huntsman, but many Republicans are concerned over their lack of star quality."
On the cover of The Week, a magazine that gathers various articles, opinions, and stories from a variety of new sources and viewpoints over the period of a week, portray the three men all wearing the iconic “S” under their suit jackets and white collar shirts.
Superman, as most of know, is a well-known super-hero who is the ideal blend of intellectualism, humility, superhuman strength, sex appeal, and unwavering morality (and don't forget that he can also fly with the use of just his arms-neat!); the ideal candidate to run against Obama next year, and a tall order. There's a reason he's a fictional character; such a person doesn't exist. The GOP still has eight months until the first presidential primaries are held, but the time to introduce and sell a candidate is putting pressure on the party and the field of declared candidates are beginning to dwindle and no obvious choice has emerged.
That is not to say that undeclared potential candidates such as Governer of Texas, Rick Perry or Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan are too late, but pressure to declare in increasing. Declared candidate, Michele Bachman seems to be too far outside mainstream Republican ideology to be considered a serious candidate, although she hasn't stepped down. Perhaps the party sees her as a vice presidential running mate to another, more neutral candidate, to draw the TEA party voters into the Republication camp.
The “Supermen”: Pawlenty, Romney, and Huntsman, are all former governors and have had experience running elections and balancing budgets, which will most certainly be a major issue in the next presidential election and gives them each a level of credibility with votes. That being said, they all have their own potential “kriptonite” as well, “Mitt Romney introduced a health-care mandate in Massachusetts that “many consider ObamaCare lite”; Pawlenty has supported cap-and-trade environmental policies in his state; and Huntsman was appointed ambassador to China by Obama himself” (Investor's Business Daily). But just as Superman was able to overcome the effects of kriptonite, these Republican candidates have time to flex their political muscles and prove to voters that they are not only capable of running the country, but are powerful enough to wrangle the presidency from the their nemesis.

"The GOP's search for a presidential candidate." The Week. 3 June 2011: 4.

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